Circuit Administrator

£12k p.a for 14 hours per week (i.e. £30k p.a. pro rata)  
03 May 2017
22 May 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

Circuit Administrator  

The closing date will be 22/5/17.

The advertised salary will be £12k p.a for 14 hours per week (i.e. £30k p.a. pro rata)  

It will initially be for a fixed term of 1 year with the prospect of becoming permanent.


The Wales and Chester Circuit is an association of barristers in practice at the independent Bar, who predominantly live and work in Wales. The association, which has a membership of approximately 450 barristers, provides a number of services to its members, including the provision of information relevant to the members' practice areas, education / other training and networking social events. The association also acts as a connection between its members and external organisations such as the Bar Council of England and Wales,  the Crown Prosecution Service and the Law Society. It also provides liaison with the local judiciary

The Circuit is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced individual, on a part-time basis of fourteen hours per week, to deal with the administration of the Circuit. The Circuit can be flexible about the frequency of days per week that the candidate would be expected to be present in the Circuit office. Would suit a candidate who is proficient in IT,  with previous experience of compliance, book keeping and contract negotiation (eg with suppliers) in an office environment, but also able to work independently


Discharging the role of “first point of contact” with members of the Circuit regarding its services and with chambers on the Circuit and external bodies including the Bar Council.


Liaising with the Circuit education director and other members of the management committee regarding Circuit seminar and other training events

Coordinating suitable facilities for the delivery of seminars, including the booking of suitable accommodation and assisting with the relaying of training events remotely where necessary to other parts of the Circuit

Publicising to Circuit members training events and recording members' reservations.  

Coordinating the supply of course materials, in advance of seminars where necessary, to members of Circuit.

Co-ordinating the provision of training for the Circuit administrator as necessary

Social / networking events

Liaising with the leader of Circuit and other members of the management committee regarding Circuit social and networking events

Coordinating suitable arrangements for circuit social and networking events, including the booking of suitable venues, refreshments and transport.

Publicising to Circuit members social and networking events and recording reservations. 


Processing new members of Circuit / payment of subscriptions and the provision to them of copies of the constitution / other general aspects of induction.

Liaising specifically with chambers on Circuit regarding membership and payment of subscriptions

Financial management

Discharging all invoices and other expenses payable by Circuit

Discharging expense claims payable to Circuit office holders

Maintaining accurate and up to date Circuit financial records.

Liaising with the Circuit treasurer in relation to circuit financial matters

Liaising with the Circuit bankers in relation to the circuit bank accounts 

Liaising with the external Circuit accountants on a regular ongoing basis (e.g. for VAT returns) and specifically in advance of the preparation of the annual Circuit accounts


Maintaining and revising, where necessary, the Circuit administration continuity and disaster recovery plans

Maintaining and revising, as directed by the leader of Circuit or the management committee, the Circuit constitution and other manuals necessary for the effective implementation of the constitution.

Devising or revising, as directed by the leader of Circuit or the management committee, any manual that may be required from time to time (e.g. in relation to the stakeholder staff pensions, the equal opportunity policy etc)

Discharging the role of the Circuit data protection coordinator, ensuring that Circuit complies fully with its data protection registration obligations.

Liaising with the chambers Equality and Diversity and Data officers to ensure compliance in full by the Circuit in these areas.

Discharging the role of health and safety coordinator in relation to Circuit events that may be necessary to ensure full compliance by Circuit with its statutory health and safety obligations

Information Technology

Liaising with the leader of the Circuit or the management committee in order to maintain up to date effectiveness in terms of information technology. In particular, ensuring that the Circuit website is up to date with membership, forthcoming events and other matters relevant to the Circuit.

Securing optimum contracts, where necessary, for printers, copies and related items of equipment.

Other duties

Dealing with any change to the practical accommodation needs of the Circuit administrator should the need arise

Recommending, where possible, further economies in relation to general Circuit administration and other Circuit expenditure 

To contribute to the agenda of Circuit management meetings / AGMs and to provide reports to such meetings as may be required.

To generally keep under review Circuit administrative procedures to ensure optimum efficiency