Age Connects Cardiff & Vale
Cardiff, Cardiff (Caerdydd)
20 hours - salary £11,914 per annum
29 Mar 2017
26 Apr 2017
Contract Type
Part Time

Main Purpose of the Job

To develop the Nail Cutting Service to become a profit making social enterprise and to manage the day to day delivery of the service through volunteer administrators and paid nail technicians.

Duties include:

  1. The day to day delivery of the service including:
  • Taking enquiries, screening them and booking appointments.
  • Co-ordinating the bookings for the Nail Technicians
  • Following up on missed appointments
  • Managing the client database
  • Ordering and distributing stock
  • Banking takings from the nail cutting service and income received at Cleeve House



  1. Marketing the service to increase the client base
  1. Developing new clinics and ways of working
  1. Supervising Nail Technicians and office volunteers

Knowledge & Experience

The Coordinator will require a good standard of general education, computer literate and has experience of working with be-spoke databases such as Charity Log.

The Coordinator will have experience in setting up or developing projects, supervising people and the ability to demonstrate good customer service skills is key to the role.

The Service Coordinator will either have a qualification in Foot Care and/or be willing to train and provide holiday / illness cover for the Nail Technicians.

Communications & Relationships

The Coordinator will be responsible for internal and external communications having regular contact with customers, volunteers, health and social care professionals and the public. 

The Coordinator will need to be able to build good working relationships with team members and other Age Connects staff and volunteers.

The Coordinator will regularly handle client enquiries and will be responsible for liaising professionally and courteously with others regarding client enquiries providing accurate and up to date information and signposting where appropriate.

The Coordinator will be responsible for communicating with a range of stakeholders to develop the nail cutting service into a social enterprise.


The Coordinator's work is set by the Service Manager who also provides regular supervision and support. However, the Coordinator is responsible for organising the day to day routine tasks of the service and in coordinating the smooth running of the clinics with the nail technicians.

The Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that volunteers correctly screen the nail cutting clients and overseeing the booking of client's appointments. Poor screening and /or appointment bookings could cause

  • inappropriate clients attending a 1st appointment and being turned away by the nail technicians.
  • Double bookings being made resulting in a reduction in client satisfaction with the Nail Cutting Service.

They will be responsible for over-seeing the appointments of clinics and liaising with the Nail Technicians.

They will be responsible for co-ordinating staff schedules and holiday or illness cover for existing or new nail technicians.

The Coordinator for is responsible for coordinating the service with scope for independent action to alter plans. The Service Manger will be available to provide support where necessary.

Policy & Service Development

The Coordinator is responsible for delivering against the Service Business plan and will be responsible for developing the service, setting up new clinics, piloting working in new environments with a broad client base.

The Coordinator will work within clearly defined policies and procedures with support readily available from the Service Manager. 

There is an opportunity to contribute to suggested changes in working practice through supervision and team meetings.

Finance & physical resources

The Coordinator has a personal duty of care in relation to equipment and resources used in carrying out the role.

The Coordinator is accountable for the safe administration of nail service income and the banking of monies at Cleeve House. The Coordinator is responsible for facilitating the ordering of equipment, stationary, stamps and marketing material with the authorisation from the Service Manager.

The Coordinator will be responsible for increasing income and managing expenditure in order to develop a social enterprise capable of generating a profit.


To undertake first line management responsibilities for a team of Nail Technicians, including providing supervision and support to identify training needs to enable them to perform well in their role.

The Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment training and support of a small group of office volunteer and the allocation of their daily tasks.

The Coordinator will need to ensure that Nail Technicians and volunteers work within Age Connects policies and procedures.

The Coordinator should make effective use of their personnel supervision and to make use of training opportunities as appropriate including e-learning

Independent Action  

The Coordinator will be expected to work independently and on their own initiative but within clearly defined organisational policies and procedures to develop and manage the service. The Coordinator will deal with changing priorities and take appropriate action.

The Coordinator will assess risks and options with the support of the Service Manager.

The Coordinator reports developments, outputs and outcomes to the Service Manager at supervision.

Other Duties

Post holders are responsible for ensuring that all work is consistent with the policy, procedures and direction of Age Connects Cardiff & the Vale. The post holder may be required to undertake any other duties that may be appropriate and allocated from time to time following discussion.

In addition, co-operation is required to achieve a healthy and safe workplace, and post holder has a responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves and their colleagues and others affected by their actions or omissions at work.